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4 compelling reasons why it’s critical to send Christmas Cards this year.

Christmas CardsWe all know we’re in the worst recession most of us have ever seen and its imperative we try and make cost savings wherever we can.

However, one area where you really shouldn’t cut back is on the sending of Christmas Cards to your loyal customers.

Here’s why:

  • In a recession your competitors will be chasing your customers so it is vitally important to stay as close to your customers as possible, what better way than a Personalised Christmas Card at the time of Good Will.
  • If you previously have sent cards and don’t this year, what does it say to your customers, we don’t care anymore or even worse we’re in trouble and can’t afford to spend a measly £1 to Thank You for your business!
  • In a recession many Companies will foolishly be cutting back which means your card will stand out and mean so much more.
  • What if you don’t send a card but your competitors do, what message does that send?

So given that the sensible and prudent decision is to go ahead and send Christmas Cards to Christmas Cards
your Customers, and of course prospects, we are delighted to offer ways to make it easier, cost effective, trouble free, unique and most of all very personal.

More Choice with Janda:

3 ways to buy:

1) Choose from our wide range of Charity Cards. 50 designs to suit all possible tastes; traditional, humorous, cute and innovative (call for catalogue on 01772 686651).
2) Design your own cover including photographs of your staff for us to print.
3) Let our talented Graphic Designers create your very own card following your brief.

Christmas CardsTo order:

For the pre-printed styles, just call for a catalogue we personalise the inner including signatures if required.
For the Bespoke Design cards please call our Design Team to discuss your requirements on 01772 686651.

NB: Please try and avoid leaving it until the last minute but we can accept orders right up until December 9th 2013.

Finally we are working with Cancer Research UK this year and will be dedicating 10p to their funds for every card printed.

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KISS your way to success:

Marketing your Company and it’s products is important for every business particularly in a recession, perversely many Companies cut back on marketing spend in a recession -   that’s crazy !!!

Just when you need more sales they cut the very function that delivers it !!

There are one or two changes you need to make to your marketing strategy in a recession but what you mustn’t do is cut your marketing spend.

What you must do is to make sure every penny is wisely spent and check that all your marketing collateral; brochures, leaflets, sales letters, web site etc. follow the basic Keep It Simple, Stupid rules.

Just use the simple test:   AIDA

Attention  -  Attract attention with exciting, compelling headlines,                                                                connect with their needs, requirements, wants and fears.

Interest  -    Create interest by talking to “them”, how your product can fulfil “their” needs, not just a list of features but what those features mean for them in benefits.

Desire  -      Paint a picture of how their life would be better with your products then make them irresistible with special offers, guarantees, bonus, discounts.

Action  -      Encourage prompt action with clear instructions on “How to Order” alongside highly visible phone numbers, online ordering facility etc. Then motivate with something like…”free delivery if ordered by” “limited stocks available”

If all your marketing output ticks all these boxes you truly will be KISSing your way to Marketing success.
If you need any help with your Marketing, please call we would be delighted to offer help and advice.

Good Luck – Janda Sales & Marketing Manager


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Guaranteed ways to Drive NEW business through your door

Janda PostcardDirect Mail works – Fact

Here's a few ideas to take some cost out and make it more effective:

First ensure your mailing list is clean and well targetted, it's no use mailing to somebody who won't buy, or worse still, isn't even there. The success of your mailing is directly related to the quality of your list.

Try Postcards... Here's why they can be so effective

  • They don't need stuffing – save time... Postcard + address label + stamp... job done!
  • They are always seen – Even the most direct mail resistant people can't resist checking out a postcard.
  • They keep it brief – there is just enough space to put the important stuff on so it makes you think hard about the right powerful message.
  • They are inexpensive – Call for a quote
  • They're different – Because they're not generally used for direct mail they stand out.

"Quicker than you think, for less than you thought!"
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